Skilled Non-Union Carpenters

general-construction-01 At Ted’s construction, we can provide skilled non-union carpenters in the states of Rhode Island ( RI ), Massachusetts ( MA ) and Connecticut ( CT ) for your projects at a moment’s notice.  Our immediate response to your skilled labor staffing request allows you to remain on schedule, giving you more time to achieve your construction project goals. Our carpenters are highly skilled and have years of carpentry project experience which ultimately reduces your overall labor costs while increasing productivity and profit margin. Each carpenter is qualified to work with a wide variety of hand and power tools and equipment, and are properly trained in proper equipment operation and safety. In addition, construction projects are completed with the highest quality craftsmanship, safely and on time. Because they are our employees, we handle all of the paperwork, payroll and benefits for you. Please contact us for any of your skilled non-union carpenter project needs.